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Add Facebook Book Now Button With Setster Appointment Scheduling

Facebook leads the charge to give your customer simple options to speak with your business

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Today’s customer expects control in their interactions. That includes the ability and simplicity to manage when they can speak with you. Facebook is in tune with the trend now adding the Facebook Book Now Button.

Some of the benefits to your business are:

  1. The Book Now button is the most prominent action button on Facebook and it is by design implemented to help your customers quickly connect with you.
  2. The entire booking process happens within Facebook, in a very sleek and app-like user experience that people are accustomed to when using Facebook. Even on mobile!
  3. After booking, your customer will still receive the confirmation notifications you have already set up in your Setster account.
  4. The entire application is built between Setster and Facebook so you don’t have to dive into any technical or overly complicated steps to do get this done.

If you’re already using Setster it’s very simple to add the “Book Now” button to your Facebook Page. Here’s a link to our support article with the easy steps.

If you’re not already using Setster and you have a growing Facebook audience, now’s the time to create an account.



Retail By Appointment: The importance of in-person appointments for today’s online retailer.


Retail by Appointment

With omnichannel initiatives underway at most online retailers, in-person interactions with customers are often facilitated through scheduled visits to brick and mortar locations. Warby Parker and Apple were early adopters who knew that not all transactions could take place online, but that easily scheduled visits to their real-world stores were valuable brand extensions creating loyal customers on and offline.

In our new whitepaper we outline how Design Within Reach, Bonobos and Indochino use Setster’s appointment scheduling to bring online customers in-house for white glove treatment that include fittings, 1 to 1 coaching, and personalized shopping consultations. We then look ahead to how scheduling is being built into publishers’ search results through integrations with search engines and directories.

Download the whitepaper

Appointment Call to Action Button for Facebook Pages

Facebook today announced the introduction of new features for Facebook Pages to help arm businesses in connecting with consumers, and Setster is excited to be part of this undertaking.

Facebook now enables people to seamlessly schedule appointments by clicking on the call-to-action button within Pages. The new appointment scheduling feature will direct people to a fluid and easy to use booking experience that is also mobile optimized.

The Setster team is proud to be among the first solutions to integrate as part of this new booking capability that Facebook is introducing today, and we believe that this plays well with the omni-channel experience that Setster businesses are used to delivering to their customers.

Setster with partnership with Pingup, has made this all possible with no development needs on your part. Every Setster business will be able to receive appointments within Facebook Pages and allow for an in Facebook experience that is more personable and trustworthy.

With more than 1.1 billion people active on Facebook every day, it is a great opportunity for your business to capitalize on the available features Facebook offers, especially this one.

If you’re interested in knowing more about this feature visit the Facebook for Business blog, and the Setster team is also available to answer any questions.

How to Leave a Positive Impression in a Meeting


Positive Impression

Everyone wants to leave a positive impression on others. To be known for having all kinds of positive characteristics within us, don’t we strive to appear the very best in front of people? Of course, we do! This becomes an even more crucial task when we are trying to makes sales call, attend a meeting or appear for an interview or presentation. This is when it directly makes an impact on the bottom line we seek, both the social and economical kind. (more…)

6 Steps To Better Company Meetings

Company Meetings

Meetings are a great way to get work done in the office but most of the time they carry a lot of risk of doing more harm than good. A wrong tone in your voice, poor body language or even an accidental facial expression can throw your clients and colleagues off for good. Setster knows the importance of good meetings and we are here to give you 6  steps better company meetings. (more…)

Is Your Sales Cycle In A Rut? 3 Steps To Boost Sales

Boost Sales

When studying the basics of marketing, we were always taught the stages a person goes through when a company tries to turn that potential client into a customer and then all the way to the end of the relationship. Many companies realize the different stages but are ineffective at acting on them properly enough to go through the stages at an appropriate rate for the revenue to come in. Setster understands that such misunderstandings are a major cause to throwing your sales cycles into a sand trap and are here to give you 3 very simple steps to boost  sales. (more…)

14 Ways to Fix Your Schedule and Maximize Productivity

Maximize Productivity

People try their best to manage their schedule and make the best of their time while balancing both work and play. However the trick is not to have an auto alarm reminder on your Smartphone or even an old school pocket diary, it is to maintain proper focus and commit to whatever routine you set out for yourself. Setster went and collected 14 super tips on how today’s professionals manage their schedule so you can get the most out of your time too! (more…)

Tips On Meeting Your Customer For The First Time

first customer meeting

In today’s digital world, a large amount of business, transactions and communication is carried out conveniently over the telephone and Internet. However, a number of customers or clients still do want to meet you in person to ensure if you are trustworthy or not. So how do you go about this face-to-face meeting with your potential customer for the first time?


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