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Grow With Content: Infographic

Grow With Content


Content marketing is all the rage these days so with the help of our friends at Dendrite Park you can learn the basics of content marketing in the above infographic. Learn to use all the amazing marketing tools the internet provides, to grow your business and expand your brand. Today’s customers expect a certain amount of quality content to develop loyalty and with a well formed marketing plan you will be able to connect with your target audience like never before. Good luck from the Setster team. Get started creating content today.

Email Marketing Tips

email marketing tips

If you don’t have an email marketing strategy in place yet now could be a great time to start. Email marketing when done well has a fantastic impact on lead generation, brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and sales. Given the key phrase is “when done well” email marketing isn’t just sending messages to your client list. Here are three simple guidelines to enhance your email marketing campaign that I like to use.


How’s Your Corporate Vision?

Hows your corporate vision

I recently reorganized my living room and last night when attempting to indulge in a midnight snack I slammed into a chair in the dark waking the household and looking foolish. I didn’t know my way around my own home anymore because my vision was impaired in the darkness. As entrepreneurs we are taught to value vision and use it to guide the course of our business. But what happens as circumstances change and vision is obstructed? How’s your corporate vision? Maybe its time to see the eye doctor?


Social Stats: Infographic

Social Stats: Infographic

With all the buzz around social media, sometimes it’s nice to sit down and actually look at the numbers. Just how important is it to have a social media plan and what are the social stats? The below infographic chips at the iceberg and gives us a greater view of the real numbers involved with social media in todays market. Social media goes beyond simply posting everyday. The importance of focusing on creating quality content targeted toward your audience is evident in how your customers interact with you online. Having a unique voice that speaks to your customers is the main goal for a successful social media campaign. Your audience can tell the difference between a basic blanket message and a real-life conversation. With social media the ability to cultivate real conversations with your audience is priceless and should be taken seriously. See for yourself in the social stats below and try to develop your own conversations with your customers. Good luck from us at Setster and please do let me know how your social media campaign is improving.

Social Stats: Infographic

Customer Service For All

Customer Service For All

Business relies on customers to function and often times its customers who are the most active, loud, and engaged who get the attention of customer service. What about the silent customers who decline to speak up or show their feeling toward your business? These customers have the same potential buying power as the others and if neglected they will leave slowly draining the life out of your business. We know the customer is always right, they are right even when they don’t say a word.


It’s Not What You Know It’s Who You Know: Network For Success

It's who you know

I remember when I was a young boy my step father saying to me, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” He was trying to explain to me a difficult truth, which is that often times the best opportunities come from relationships not hard work. Only after I grew up a bit and learned some lessons the hard way did I fully understand him. Hard work is necessary however, without opportunity it may not lead you where you expected. Working to have the best product, service, education, or career is an amazing foundation for success, but strive to include a strong focus on building your network as well.


Follow Up

follow up

Last time we talked about the importance of organization and lead development. Today I am going to touch on the process of relationship building and follow up. Just simply having leads organized into a database in not enough. Most of the time a single email or call will not convert a lead into a customer. A method for systematically changing leads into customers must be put into place and I will outline the basics of this method below the jump. Get your notepad ready its time for class.


Lesson On Leads

Lesson on leads

Wouldn’t it be nice if one day you could simply open a business and magically a slew of customers bought your products and kept coming back for more? Unfortunately, that is not how the real world works. You must acquire customers through leads. Most of your time and energy should be spent generating new leads and converting them into repeat customers. Marketing, advertising, promotions, and customer service strategies are all created and monitored to increase leads that result in sales. Setster is a great way to convert a lead into a sale but before that can happen you must create and nurture the lead. This is a brief lesson on leads that will give a larger picture of how leads are maintained and organized. Get your pencils ready this will definitely be on the mid-term.

Fundamentally a lead, to put it simply, is a connection. The connection usually is loose and is based off common interests or needs. When working to convert these connections into customers, organization of your leads is crucial. In the old days before the internet, businesses organized leads on cards. These lead cards help sales departments keep track of specific details for each lead in an effort to stay organized, informed, and current. Today we have database solutions that help us organize our leads and keep all relevant information at our fingertips. Here are some of the top database solutions –Salesforce, GoldMine, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ZohoCRM and Nimble. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Take your time to research each one to find which satisfies your needs best.

Now that you have a solid way to organize your leads we need to collect relevant information to add to the database. First, you want to add the personal contact information of your new lead. Try and be as thorough and correct with this piece of data as you can. Get the direct email address, phone number, work address, fax number, ect. The more avenues of communication you have access too the more likely you will open a dialog with your lead. The next important piece of information is the leads interest in your product or service. You want to get an accurate temperature gauge of interest so you can plan your communication accordingly. The hottest leads will need a different sales approach compared to the cold leads. You want to tailor communication to each specific lead to ensure the best results. Finally, you will want to track how each lead has come to you. This is how you adjust your marketing strategies and advertisement budgets. As you find the best ways to attract new leads having data on where these leads come from help to optimize budgets and allocate resources to become an efficient business.

Generating leads and capturing sales is the primary function of business at its core. Organizing leads and collecting the correct data is paramount in growing a successful business. Try some of the listed database tools and see how it can help you. Be sure to drop me a line and let me know how focusing on your leads has helped.

The Walking Dead Are Real

The Walking Dead

The walking dead are real and they are in your office right now! Of course I’m referring to the dead leads sitting on your hard drive. These dead leads don’t stay dead though. They creep up on you in a staggering unintelligible moan showing you that they still exist with unproductive emails and useless reminders. When faced with these zombie leads we have two options in order to stop the spread of the epidemic to other healthy leads. We can cut the zombie lead’s head off by deleting it completely, but no business owner wants to sever ties to a potential future opportunity so this solution is not ideal. The other option is to search for the cure and revive the zombie lead into a living, breathing account. Our friends at Marketstar address the zombie epidemic directly and have laid out a step-by-step plan of action to fight back against the walking dead in the above infographic.

Smell The Future: TigAroma

Smell the future: TigAroma

The future is here and now. Online publication experts and Setster partner PageTiger has unlocked the marketing potential of the senses with the launch of TigAroma. This technological milestone has finally given us the ability to trigger emotional responses connected to the sense of smell with targeted marketing messages online. Branding your company is now in the fourth dimension giving your customers a more complete sensory experience.


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