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Word of Mouth 101

Word of Mouth 101


Word of mouth marketing is simply the best way to generate new business and retain current customers. This is the best of the best when it comes to marketing your business and successful businesses strive to increase word of mouth at every opportunity. Winning over customers and empowering them to share your message to their friends, family, and co-workers gives your brand credibility and recognition. When a trusted friend suggests a new restaurant this automatically sets the restaurant apart from their competition and increases your likelihood of remembering the brand and possibly becoming a customer. Great word of mouth marketing creates an army of customers/brand advocates that will automatically attempt to convert their network into paying customers for you. Follow the jump to learn some word of mouth marketing techniques.


Don’t Make This Branding Mistake

Don't make this branding mistake

When creating your public image you don’t want to make this common branding mistake – spending little to no effort creating and cultivating your brand logo and message. Too often entrepreneurs worry about all the other tasks needed to run a business but when it comes to designing their brand and logo they go for the cheap and simple route. This is a huge mistake. Follow the jump to hear why.


Move Into Mobile Optimization

If the current trends continue the next big move for small business is mobile and mobile optimization. Networks are become faster every day and with smartphones, tablets, and web books flooding the market going mobile is also too easy. Customers are adopting this new tread and don’t seem to be letting up. This is why you must start planning to take your business into the mobile space now. Optimizing your web presence for mobile will help future proof you business model. Setster saw this trend coming from a mile away and already offers mobile appointment setting to its users. What can you do to help get your business mobile ready? Below is an infographic on mobile, check it out and move into mobile today.

Move Into Mobile Optimization

Small Business Marketing Made Simple

Small Business marketing made simple

Owning a small business you have to think to yourself, how can I market myself effectively? Other businesses have budgets and teams to push their products but as a small business you don’t have that luxury, yet. Marketing can be broken down into smaller pieces that make it easier for small business owners to get started. Follow the jump for the three steps to marketing your small business.


Improve Online Customer Service

Improve online customer service

Customer service is a huge part in creating a successful business. Its the direct interaction with your market and plays a major part in how your brand is perceived. In a perfect world you could afford to staff a 24/7 customer support line with both online chat support and phone operators. But in the real world budgets don’t allow for that kind of support, so what do you do? After the jump I will talk about a few tips that have worked for others that you can try.


Exercise For Productivity

Exercise For Productivity


Want to increase your daily productivity? A new study done by Harvard Business School has found that a simple task at the end of your workday can increase productivity, self-efficacy, and confidence. Sounds to good to be true follow the jump to see more.


Are You Socially Optimized?

Are you socially optimized

New media, social networks, google analytics, search engine optimization these are all buzz words business owners in 2014 should know and it is in your best interest to make sure your online presence is socially optimized to take advantage of all these new platforms. Digital marketing and online optimization are key to spreading your business communication effectively and getting the most ROI. The above infographic dives into some social optimization tactics and gives you a good place to start. I recommend adopting some of these techniques immediately to bring your business into the future. Let me know how you have optimized your business and what you have learned from changing your focus. Good luck from the Setster team.

The New Currency: Relationships

The new currency

Business runs off of an unspoken system of currency that is defined by the influence you have over others, what you can offer, and what you can withhold. These are the basic building blocks of business relationships and they are the most important capital you can have. Funding is great but without a strong investment of relationship capital it can only go so far. This is why people like Donald Trump can go bankrupt and still bounce back. He has invested in building valuable relationships that lead to success. Below are a few golden rules to building relationships that you can try today.


Get Media Attention Now

Get media attention now


You’ve spent time, energy, and resources creating new content to promote your business and now its time to get the media attention you deserve. So what do you do now? Do you simply put up the content and watch the engagement come to you with media begging to publish your content? No, that would be too easy wouldn’t it? Below are some tips to help get you media attention and raise the engagement on your content.


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