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10 Small to Mid CRM Softwares to Consider

CRM Softwares

With businesses loaded with customer data and business information in today’s age, it becomes increasingly important for them to be able to manage such data and information, access them when required, interpret them and make more effective decisions. And this is exactly what Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software does for businesses. It is basically a category of enterprise software including a wide set of applications and software. With good CRM software, a company can more efficiently fulfill its goals of managing customer communication and relationship.

With the increased demand of businesses and complexity of customer information, CRM softwares are now becoming more and more customizable as well as scalable. This means companies are now able to acquire more actionable customer insights, assess business opportunities and personalize customer service with the help of analytical engines, predictive analytics and so on. However, the added features rarely come to any help since mostly people only utilize only a tiny fraction of the capabilities their CRM provides them with. Moreover, the price and affordability factor remains a huge issue for the firms, particularly for the startups.

This is why Setster has come up with a list of the top ten small to mid CRM softwares that are extremely easy to use as well as affordable. Here they are:

Base CRM
This CRM software was launched in 2009, with the claim of being the ultimate software that any sales team will actually use, making the business likely to be 10 times more productive. It charges $15 a month per user and the best thing is that you can add any number of users according to your wants. Within this $15, you will be not only be getting all the core CRM functionality but also the benefit of unlimited contacts and storage of 2GB per user. If you want to move up, you can also go for their $45 per user or $125 per user alternatives. These higher end products have the added advantage of sales forecasting and the ability to make calls from the application directly without having to dial.

Launched in 2007 by 37signals, this CRM tool is popularly known due to its design’s simplicity. The best thing about it – you can use it for free! But this applies only if you are just a freelancer or small business with one or two users and 250 contacts or below that. If you’re bigger than that, you have three more options as well. There’s one which costs $24 a month for six users and 5,000 contacts, another costing $49 a month for 15 users and 20,000 contacts and the highest one priced at $99 a month for 40 users and 30,000 contacts. And there’s storage of around 1GB per user.


This one has arrived in 2010 with the claim of being extremely easy to use which makes salespeople love it. Its aim is to effectively serve small inside sales teams. Offering its functions at only $9 a month per user, including its API key, without any restrictions on the number of users or number of contacts or storage, this software is relatively cheaper than other popular CRM software.

Launched as a social CRM in 2009, Nimble offers connectivity to not just email but also to social media accounts. It has identified the increasing popularity, growth and significance of social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on for engaging and communicating with prospects and thus, chosen this goal. It costs $15 a month per user for 30,000 contacts and storage of 5GB.

This next software, launched in 2009, provides the lucrative benefit of permitting up to 3 free users with the integration of project management functionality and without any time restriction. Apart from that, they have a pricing structure pretty similar to that of Highrise. They have the option of covering six users and 25,000 contacts with costs of $29 a month. If you are looking for unlimited contacts, you can go for the $49 a month alternative for 15 users or the $99 a month alternative for 40 users and unlimited contacts. In all of them, you get storage of around 1GB per user.

PipelineDeals was launched in 2006 as very easy and fast CRM software that people will actually want to use. It offers basic functionalities along with unlimited contacts and storage at the price of $24 a month per user.

Launched in 2010, this software is basically a spontaneous and well-designed CRM solution. It requires a minimum of 3 users to make use of its $15 a month per use option that includes unlimited contacts and storage.

In 2008, Zestia came up with Capsule that emphasizes on simplicity and is free for 2 users and 250 contacts. It charges $12 a month per user for 50,000 contacts and storage of 2GB.

The newest one, OnePageCRM, launched in 2010, aims to provide enhanced user experience especially for small sales teams. With its pricing structure of $10 a month per user, it is pretty cheap, including unlimited contacts and storage of 1GB in storage.
Last but definitely not the least, in fact the very market leader, is Salesforce. It arrived with a bang in the early 2000s and eliminated powerful vendors such as Siebel and Act. A bit on the expensive side, compared to the others mentioned earlier, Salesforce offers a variety of pricing options starting from $65 a month per user for businesses with more than 5 people. However, its range of functions and capabilities are also much more enhanced, which may not always be required by the startups but are essential for more established businesses.

Got any CRM recommendations we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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