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5 Time Management Tips To Achieve A Work:Life Balance

Time Management is a Skill

Many of us attempt to perfect our time management. Some of us manage this feat better than others.

Time management is something a lot of us struggle with, merely because we don’t have a ton of tactics to help us manage it.

Feeling a bit lost? Overwhelmed? Unsure how to take control of your work:life balance? If you’re like me, whether at work, school, home…wherever…there truly never seems to be enough hours in the day.

Here are five time management tips to help you more-effectively manage whatever amount of time you have — or have left, after day-to-day responsibilities leave you with preciously-scant amounts of it!


1/ Scheduling is Key :: Writing out a physical schedule can help you see your time and what you have allotted for each hour, making time management much simpler.  When you write it out, the visualization lets you see your time, rather than let it pass by.  When you don’t have a schedule, you can easily lose track of time and waste it.  When you can see it, it is easier to manage.

(How It Resonates With Me: this really is the first, golden rule — if I don’t materialize my tasks and schedule on paper, or somewhere online, it’s much harder to hold myself accountable…)


2/ Plan for Interruptions :: Be sure to allot a set time for interruptions or distractions—it’s not realistic to plan out every second and stick to it.  There will always be times when you stray from the task at hand, so having a set amount of time for allowed breaks will keep you on track when you get back to work.

(How It Resonates With Me: this one is key in my daily life — when I try to plan-out a block of hours, I am always interrupted no matter what, and that throws my task-completion off. Allowing some padding in between tasks can help reduce the (un)expected interruptions from upsetting your schedule…)


3/ Plan Your Day :: Make planning your day the first thing you do when you wake up, and don’t start anything until it’s fully planned.  By getting into this habit, you will greatly improve your time management skills, and with each day planned before you start, you’ll be able to complete more, and have more time for yourself.

(How It Resonates With Me: I used to find that this is most-effectively performed the night before; but because each day begins differently, I now wait until each morning to assess my daily priorities…)


4/ Prioritize and Execute the Most Important Things :: Eliminate distractions such as Facebook and other social medias.  Try putting up a sign to not be disturbed, and stick to the projects you really need to get done.  Motivation is key, and once you complete those hard tasks, you’ll feel much better.

(How It Resonates With Me: I can’t stress enough how important it is to COMPLETE things on a to-do list; getting a large project or assignment crossed-off my daily, scheduled list is a big weight off. Otherwise, I’d just have to add it to my schedule tomorrow — on top of everything else that is new, right?)


5/ You Can’t Do It All :: Remember that it’s not always possible to finish absolutely everything.  Be realistic with your expectations, knowing that some things just won’t get done that day—relax, and know you can complete it tomorrow.

(How It Resonates With Me: I find that — for those projects and things that are not as time sensitive — it is much easier on the ego and the mind to attempt completion incrementally. Trying to do everything at once, all in one-fell-swoop — unless you have a quiet block of twelve hours all to yourself!? — is usually not attainable. Breaking the task(s) down into more manageable parts helps me complete it faster and with better results…)


But what about your business? Many of the tips above, used in streamlining your day-to-day and helping to strike that smoother work:life balance, can also be applied to your business’ time-management goals.

As you are probably aware if reading this, using Setster to better-handle and even automate your business’ scheduling needs is one of the most efficient time-management tactics available.

In addition to helping your customers enjoy instant-gratification booking (which saves them time), I’m proud to boast — that if we’re talking about helping to streamline the schedules of multiple service providers at multiple locations — we have saved our combined-customer base…years!

Not bad for a slice of code that starts at $16/month…

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