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Enterprise API Appointment Scheduling

Custom API for Appointment Scheduling

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Setster’s appointment scheduling software via our API allows existing systems to offer robust functionality and scale with simple integration. Setster has been developed and tested with thousands of customers over the past 10 years.

Setster’s RESTful API relies on industry standard approaches to connect a variety of systems and use cases.

Setster Cloud

Setster cloud services can be applied to any state of the application process within an enterprise environment. At any stage of an application process Setster can be activated to facilitate rule enforcement.

Verify client info / Authenticate user

Passing client information to Setster allows a trigger point to proceed with the booking process. Setster presents a booking widget or overlay that communicates directly with the client.

Collect Information

Any information that is passed into Setster is used to filter Services that are specifically enabled for each individual user and predefined for each user group.

Additional Information

The network system collects additional data via custom fields which can be searchable and exportable.

Final Validation

Appointment validation can be done internally or through an email validation sent from Setster to the client. Rule enforcement ensures that all appointment prerequisites have been fulfilled before final initiation of appointment confirmation.


Appointment confirmation and communication is facilitated by Setster in predetermined intervals. Reminders and cancel/reschedules are handled and documented.

Simple Workflows

Simple Workflow

Appointment setting allows users to isolate availability within buckets of resources. Setting the appointments is a process where a request enables verification which triggers confirmation then allowing rescheduling, canceling and documenting appointment as show or no shows.

Locations: Each location can have multiple assignments that define which provider can provide which service and at what time. These assignments must also be synched with a local service providers calendar in one or multiple locations. Setster’s API connects with zip code, geo-targeted addresses and location databases to filter and present location results based on internally mandated specifications.

Providers: Each provider has separate availability and capacities. Each provider’s availability must be synched not only to a personal calendar, but to each location and then filtered to what service they can provide. From within a legacy system like Oracle or NetSuite that returns a pre-loaded defined appointment that is communicating directly with each asset that defines the appointment parameters.

Services: When a service is created, multiple assignments are made to identify the service’s unique ability to block time within a calendar. Allotted time and padding are separately defined for each service. Custom assignments are made as to who can provide the service and in which location. Setster’s API provide a definable resource that allows you to customize it’s properties to fit any need.

Sub Services: Creating secondary services allows a company to trigger the addition of more time and resources to appointments. Through the API internal systems can define what process or context triggers additional services.

Availability: The primary resource is blocks of time. Each service requires defined blocks to fit within what is available on a dynamic calendar. Setster syncs with local calendars and provides seamless communication that identifies open and blocked available times within a calendar.

Booking: Users are presented a front-facing booking widget that communicates the date and the time of the available services. The widget takes into account location and timezone so all parties can see what time they are booking for localized time.

A RESTful Service

A RESTful service which follows the REST protocol and primarily CRUD operations over REST.

Can remotely manage all system settings and booking needs.

http Requests Methods are translated to REST CRUD Operations as the following table:

  • REST Operation       HTTP Request Method
  • Create          POST
  • Read (Retrieve) GET
  • Update (Modify) PUT
  • Delete (Destroy) DELETE

CallBack API

  • Send a callback to a custom URL for specific events.


Create Accounts: Create a new scheduling account for each service provider directly from your application. Automating the process with our API means that as your service providers sign up in your system, they are simultaneously creating their scheduling profile and enabling booking within their real time calendar.

[POST] /account? &first_name=John &last_name=Doe &business_name=Example+Business &phone=(333)+999+555 &password=secretpassword &account_address=example

Create Locations: Give service providers the opportunity to offer promotions at the local, regional and national level by enabling multiple locations. Our flexible API allows each location to set different hours, different providers and different services, each defined from within your system.

[POST] /location?name=My+Location

Create Providers: Build a provider profile that tells the whole story. Add photos, bios, certifications and social media reviews. Assign providers to specific locations and specific services. Automatically send SMS text messages to providers when appointments are booked and changes are made to their schedules.

[POST] /employee? &first_name=John &last_name=Doe &phone=(333)+999+5555

Create Services: Name the service, enter the description and set the price. Include padding/travel time and even enforce the cancellation and reschedule policies as defined by the service provider. Throttle the promotion by defining specific days and times to book specific services.

[POST] /service? name=My+Service &duration=60 &price=12 &duration_padding=15

Make an Appointment for a demo and API access

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