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How to Leave a Positive Impression in a Meeting


Positive Impression

Everyone wants to leave a positive impression on others. To be known for having all kinds of positive characteristics within us, don’t we strive to appear the very best in front of people? Of course, we do! This becomes an even more crucial task when we are trying to makes sales call, attend a meeting or appear for an interview or presentation. This is when it directly makes an impact on the bottom line we seek, both the social and economical kind.

When it’s so imperative to leave a positive impression, are you absolutely confident that you are doing enough to appear all that positive? It’s not as easy as constantly putting up a smile, nodding your head in an agreeable manner once in a while or throwing a number of compliments every now and then. Believe it or not, almost everyone does that to be in the good books. So if you are looking forward to standing out from everyone else, you can’t just stick to the old clichéd strategies like the ones mentioned here because the reality, it requires a lot more than simply that.

We’ve got some secret on how you can leave a positive impression by using 4 strategies: sincerity, vivacity, questions and three keys.

  1. Vivacity

If you want people to understand your point of view, there’s no better way than allowing them into your mind. How to do that? It’s simple – present them an unambiguous and vivid picture of how you want to shape the future. Show them your version of the enhanced reality. When they are able to view or imagine it themselves with your help, there’s a far better chance of influencing them to agree with what you have been trying to say. So just go ahead and paint a lucid realistic picture in front of them. Make them feel what you are trying to explain or communicate. The more effectively you are able to do this, the more engaged your audience becomes and the easier your task gets.

  1. Sincerity

Of course, it’s quite easy to just fake it. But guess what? It’s a lot easier to be yourself and show utmost sincerity and passion when you are talking to people. They love it when the person in front of them isn’t afraid to show their excitement and enthusiasm. It actually tends to spread around the room, eventually filling the air with the much needed zeal in any presentation, meeting or sales call. So learn to be authentic, rather than copying others, as well as practice effective ways of communicating your inner passion about the topic at hand to those around you. No need to clutter your speech with technical jargons that most of the people will find difficult to understand. Instead, keep it simple and clear.

  1. Questions

First impression lingers for a longer time than you would want it to. This is particularly irreversible when the impression is a negative or dull one. That’s why you would want to hit the bull’s eye in the very first impression you give off to others. They key here is to begin with an attention-grabbing question that will instantly wake the people in front of you and help you to retain their attention throughout the meet-up. When you commence with a question to your audience about their interests, problems or issues, it only helps you to get their attention but also to comprehend the things that matter to them the most and the things that you should prioritize accordingly. As a result, you get to acquire important insights as well as active involvement from the people present there.

  1. Three keys

There are basically three keys that can make your speech or presentation a successful and positive one. Statistics, anecdotes and analogies are the three crucial elements to make use of when trying to make a positive impression. Prepare yourself way ahead of the meet-up by filling your mind with these relevant elements in order to be able to present yourself as a knowledgeable person who is actually aware of what’s going around in a particular field. Moreover, you can also slash off any difficult question that comes your way with the help of such facts, comparisons, stories and figures. Show them that you are aware of the reality and they become a lot more inclined to be impressed.

As you can see, a number of simple strategies can actually help you to stand out in a much more positive way from the rest of the people. It can help you leave a strong and positive impression on the minds of others which in turn can help you meet your as well as your company’s goals.  Think you have something to add to these strategies, simply comment below!

Image by: Nguyen Hung Vu

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