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Throttling Incoming Appointments LIKE A BOSS

So here’s the scenario: You run a hair salon, and you’ve got a little conundrum. Business is doing great, and the appointments are flying in at an pleasantly alarming rate.  Not a bad problem to have, right?!  But because you are all booked up, people who wander by looking for a quick trim or a spontaneous manicure are left out in the cold.  Not only are you losing their immediate business, but you’re squandering an attempt to convert them into long term customers.  On top of that, you’ve got a deal running on a daily deals site, and so many customers are cashing in their deals at the same time that your regular customers can’t get a snip in edgewise.  Your overwhelmed, berated from all sides, about to crack under the weight of all that hair.  So what can a damsel in distress like yourself do to remedy this situation and bring the noise down to a listenable level?  By learning to properly throttle online appointments, you will be able to anticipate an manage any influx of customers or act of god that strolls through your door.  Like Biggie says, “Mo Money More Problems”, but at least this is a problem that has a solution.

Teach Me How to Throttle, T-t-teach Me How to Throttle

The movie Fast and Furious may have been a hit the box office, but it’s slow and steady that wins the race (unless it’s in a straight line).  You want a consistent parade of customers coming in, but you don’t want that parade to turn into a riot.  If it does, someone is bound to get accidentally slapped in the the face, and leave one very unhappy camper.  Which means they probably won’t be coming back.  Which means you lose.  To ensure a joyous occasion for all your customers, you need to allow them to have their own space in which to dodge flailing hands.  This is accomplished by allowing every appointment made a little cushion of time in which to breath.  With Setster, this is as easy as adjusting a little setting.  That way, when things go wrong and grandma’s fo-hawk takes a little longer than initailly expected, you have the flexibility to perfect her do’ without leaving a customer pile-up in your wake.

Wait, Do I Need a Haircut?

Walk-in’s account for substantial part substantial part of business, for reaalzz.  So show them some respect by blocking off a certain amount of time during the day to reward impulsiveness.  Consider how many you on average on each day, and set aside the appropriate slots. Again, Setster makes this mad simple, so all you have to do is tweak the settings to your liking, and BOOM!  It’s all you baby! There’s always a seat at the table, and everybody is eating your signature service spaghetti.

Deal With It!

Daily Deals are the new it drug in local business.  It’s cool, flashy, and everyone wants a taste. After all, it gets people off their butts and in the door, which is ecstasy for a business owner. But like every drug, if not taken in the proper doses, the consequences can end up far outweighing the benefits.  In terms of daily deals, this means setting aside certain concrete windows during which people can redeem their deals, ensuring that  you can service coupon buyers, while at the same time maintaining a steady stream of regular bookings and walk-ins. By spreading promotional business out over time, you are able to maintain order and manage expectations.

With online scheduling by Setster, throttling incoming customers has never been easier.  Play around a little with the settings, and find the  balance that is right for you.   Happy Scheduling!  SEACREST OUT

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