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Industry example: Universities and Online Scheduling

Universities and online schedulingWhile you may be familiar with online scheduling, you may not be aware of all of its potential applications when it comes to businesses. So in this new series of blogs, we will be shedding some light on the different ways businesses use this powerful tool by focusing on a new industry example each week. For our first blog of the series, we will be focusing on universities, and how these temples of learning can utilize online scheduling to streamline a large variety of tasks. So put on your old fraternity sweater on and grab a Frisbee, because we’re about to send you back into the best/blurriest days of your life!
Nurse Visits
Remember walking all the way down to the health center in the freezing cold when you had a horrible hangover accompanied by flue like symptoms, only to discover a line going out the door of the nurse’s office? Bummer maaan. We’ll online scheduling can remedy this awful plight and decrease the stress of both you and the overworked and understaffed nurses treating all you hypochondriacs. Instead of trudging all the way down there, a sick puppy can just sniffle his way onto the nearest computer and see exactly what times the nurses will be able to treat his/her ailments. Then all they have to do is book a time, and they are set. Because some cases take longer than others, the nurses can simply factor in a certain amount of padding to cushion the time between appointments to cushion the blow (ing of noses).
I’m sure most of you never needed a little extra help in college (except when doing keg stands), but for those of us who were a bit slow to the punch in certain areas (ummm geomowhaaaat?), having a tutor on retainer was a saving grace. But sometimes the tutor who was so good with numbers couldn’t quite get an “A” when the numbers were followed an a.m. or p.m. Most tutors we’re also going to school themselves, and managing their personal and work schedule could sometimes be an arduous task. Plus the students who need that extra confidence boost right before a test would occasionally be left out in the cold, and that’s fun for no one. With online appointment software, tutors are able to easily integrate their work and personal schedules into one easy to manage place, and never have to worry about dealing with pesky phone calls and reminders.
Prospective students are already nervous enough when applying to their dream school. The one thing they shouldn’t have to stress about is knowing exactly when their appointment is. Admissions officers have a lot on their plate too. They need to decide who is going to get passed the gate, and should have as much time as humanly possible to make that heavy decision. Having online scheduling software save them a ton of time they would of spent on the phone, booking, rescheduling, and reminding college hopefuls where they need to be and when.
Your girlfriend breaks up with you. At three months, it was your most substantial relationship to date. You really thought she was the “one”. It’s time for a little one on one with a school-sanctioned shrink. But you haven’t left your dorm in three days, you can’t even think straight, and you want to keep the line free in case Stacy calls and tells you your not totes a loser and that she was lying about sleeping with that douche Todd from the lacrosse team. What’s a boy to do? You get the gist.. Man up son!”

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