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Keeping Your Service Fresh


We as consumers are very forward minded by nature. The majority of our focus is allocated towards what is to come. Which makes sense.  With all the the fanfare and excitement that surround the arrival of the new and exotic, some older, less flashy offerings might inevitably be overshadowed.  So as a service provider, what do you do with an old service that you know still has relevance and worth, yet is becoming increasingly under-appreciated and under-utilized by your existing clients? By rebranding and reintroducing a service to your customers, you might be able to reverse this trend and restore its potential.

So one of your services has lost the swagger in its step.  Maybe all it needs is a new pair of shoes!  When rebranding a service, you should take the essence of what made the service desirable back in its heyday, and repackage it with more contemporary frills. We as people re-invent ourselves all the time.  I’m still the same person I was in the nineties, but I no longer sleep until 3:00pm, wear oversized flannel shirts,  or write atrocious, borderline creepy love poems to a high school senior named Courtney (I was a freshman in high school at the time).  Thankfully,  my image has changed with the times.  So should the image of a service you provide. One of the quickest and most effective ways to put the “cool” back into a service that has been collecting dust is to give both the service’s name and description a complete makeover.  For instance, say you run a barbershop that offers an old school straight razor shave.  This is the way it’s presented in your list of services:

“Straight Razor Shave”
A classic shave using a straight razor and traditional shaving lather, providing one of the cleanest shaves around.

Does it explain the service? Yes, its straight-forward enough.  If a customer already wants a straight razor shave, they will know to book that service. But if your title and description are barely me more than a statement of facts, you are missing a valuable oppurtiunity to influence a conversion. The service gains nothing if the copy has no tone or personality.  However, with a little more salesmanship and finesse, this old stud of a service could be rebranded as a majestic stallion that’s just daring you to get in the saddle and ride off into the sunset. Here’s the same service, revamped with a fresh name and description.

“The Don Draper”
The manly man’s shave.  Forget for a moment that you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders and enjoy a classic trim using a traditional lather and straight edge razor, providing one of the cleanest shaves since Nixon was in office.  Aged scotch and last minute strokes of brilliance not included, though always appreciated.

See the difference? By using a combination of current pop culture themes, humor, and old fashioned nostalgia, we were able to breathe new life into a passable but somewhat unimaginative service description.  Try to spice up your service in a similar fashion by taking a familiar theme and infusing it with a little dose of your own quirkiness and charm.  Get creative with it!  Just make sure that after all the bells and whistles, the gist of what the service provides is  communicated effectively.


Once you’ve outfitted your service with a fresh persona, it’s time to reintroduce it to the world.  So how do you go about that? Well, pretty much the same way you’d go about introducing a new service.  It’s time to sound the horns.  Craft a badass press release,  create a flashy new tutorial, and tweet like a thirteen year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert.  Heck, throw a freaking parade.  Do whatever you can to let your customers know that your newly reinvigorated service is about to make a  triumphant return to the spotlight, and educate them on the various things that make this glorious comeback a can’t-miss event. You could even offer your customers a special discount if they book the service through Setster, giving them a little extra incentive to take another chance on an old friend.

Following Up

So you’ve done all the grunt work, pounded the pavement, and your once overlooked service is once again a hit. Time to celebrate, right?  Sure why not, you earned it!  But while you are at the club sipping Crystal and making it rain, keep in mind that every comeback must be maintained.  An successful re-introduction doesn’t mean that a service won’t fade from relevance yet again if you fail to perform the necessary upkeep.  Routine checkups and continued promotion are necessary to ensure that your service holds onto its popularity.  Eventually, you will most likely need to re-evaluate and re-invent the service all over again.  But for now, take pride in the fact that you rebooted the bravado of struggling service, and in turn elevated the value of your business as a whole.

Happy Scheduling!

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