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How Wodify uses Setster to Streamline Support


I only recently learned what Crossfit is when I saw a young woman running down the sidewalk while carrying a medicine ball. This struck me as a curious new workout, but I would soon come to realize that it was part of a newer fitness phenomenon — one that is slated to become the most popular workout in 2014So what if you’re a Crossfit entity (a gym is known as a “box”) and want to keep track of your athletes’ workout information and membership deets, all while handling payment collection? You would have to load-up on multiple software tools and sync their integration points accordingly. Or you could just be lucky enough to find Wodify.

With Wodify, athletes can sign-into a class, view their WOD (Workout of the Day), pay membership dues — and most importantly, track workout and fitness progress. Conversely, if you’re running a box, you can post WODs, keep track of members, and be given a financial overview — all in one place.

I checked-in with founder Ameet Shah to learn more about how Wodify utilizes Setster to streamline support interactions with their clients.


Tell us a little bit about what your company does, and what you do within it.

Our company Conigent, is a cloud-focused process improvement and business management consulting firm specializing in building custom web and mobile apps for our clients. In 2012, we launched the SaaS offering Wodify. Wodify replaces the traditional whiteboard, spreadsheets, workout journals, manual class scheduling and tedious billing process with a single digital solution that puts management and athlete tracking tools into a single application.


What brought you to start-up Wodify?

During my twenties, I lifted weights religiously and made progress by meticulously journaling my workouts and diet. It was practically a second job. In October, 2011, I began doing CrossFit at the age of 38, and I knew tracking my performance would be important—but I didn’t have the luxury of time anymore. By this point, I’d been running Conigent, my own cloud consulting firm, for four years. I was also married with two kids and had two dogs. To work for me, journaling had to be quick and simple.

When I tried to find a mobile app that would make journaling easy, everything on the market was disappointing. And one day at CrossFit while I was watching my coach rewrite the WOD on a whiteboard, I had my ‘aha!’ moment. The toughest fitness system in the world was missing technology to match.

By December, 2011, I had mocked up a prototype of Wodify, and by April 2012, a team from Conigent and I had built a Beta edition. We piloted the new platform at CrossFit Aspire, a local box in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. And soon enough, the coaches and athletes fell in love. After every workout, athletes rushed to key in their weights, reps, and times. They would visually see their progress and discover when they hit a new personal record. It was very motivating.

The experience and feedback from CrossFit Aspire gave us all the information we needed to take Wodify to the next level. We made improvements, re-skinned Wodify, branded the interface, and showcased Wodify at the CrossFit Games North East Regionals in May 2012, which were held at Reebok Headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts. The visibility was a huge bump. We went from signing four or five boxes per month to twenty per month by November 2012. Today, we serve more than 550 boxes around the world.


What is the ‘need’ or ‘void’ Wodify is trying to fill?

CrossFit gyms are nothing like the Gold’s gyms of the world.  You don’t need rooms and rooms of treadmills and elliptical machines to get fit with CrossFit.  You don’t need fancy locker rooms, juice bars, and mirrors everywhere. They don’t have traditional performance tracking and gym management needs and we saw the need for a CrossFit centered all in one solution that helps CrossFit boxes engage their athletes with a way to track and visualize their progress and box owners a way to simplify the busy work of running a box.


How did you find Setster? What attracted you to it?

We were looking for a tool to help us schedule 1-on-1 coaching for our customers. One of our colleagues let us know that they had just implemented Setster at their previous job and recommended we check it out.


How does Setster help your business?

We were at a place where we had nearly tripled the amount of customers we were signing up each month.  This meant triple the amount of customers that required support. We needed to streamline our processes so that we could continue to provide the same level of support we had provided when we had 20 customers.  We had our ticketing system to manage our support requests but we needed a tool that would help connect our customers who needed to speak with a team member for more advanced support needs or continued training as quickly as possible.

Setster Booking Widget to Streamline Support for Wodify

Providing a toll-free number for over 100,000 athletes is not realistic; everyone would get voicemails or an answering service and quickly get frustrated with our support offering. Enter Setster. We are now able to schedule 15-minute, 1-on-1 coaching sessions with our customers and they couldn’t be happier.  We have an improved support model, we are able to divide workload evenly among our team members, and now support is back in the hands of our customers and only a click away.


Where do you hope Wodify is a year from now?

Our goal for the next year is to grow our current 550 box clients to more than 1,500. Considering we started at one box a little over a year ago, I think we are well on our way. Reaching that goal will be a balancing act, where we need to manage product development, advertising, onboarding and our customer support to all work together.

We are actually growing so fast that we have several staff openings that we need to fill right away. We are also seeking out a new office space that will double the size of our current location and allow us to operate our own CrossFit gym open to the public below our office. Our team members will now be able to workout right at work and the gym will serve as a proving-ground for Wodify and new concepts we want to implement for our product.  These sorts of tasks take up a lot of time, but they are essential if we want to hit or exceed our growth targets.


For more information, check-out Wodify’s product offering here

Special thanks to Nicole Fasolino.


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