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We started about a year ago.  The idea was simple, create a way for smart busy people to quickly find and set an appointment with a professional.  As it turns out, it’s more complicated.  Our original focus groups were overwhelmingly computer illiterate with most still using paper and pencil on a calendar sheet to book appointments.  As we dug deeper into user segments we found that each profession has industry specific protocols when booking appointments.  The gamut of users run from the neophyte to the sophisticate and right in the middle is where we’ve chosen to focus.

After many discussions with service providers and potential users, we narrowed our service offerings to those that set appointments, manage customer relations & loyalty programs and create visibility in a directory.  Our first beta release has accomplished many of these development milestones and we’re looking forward to introducing beta users into our system.  We could use your help.  Give us feedback and be direct and candid as you work through our bugs.  Let us know what we can do to improve the experience.

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