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Syncing Setster to Outlook

We would like to thank Jordan Peterson, one of our clients who posted this article for us.


There are basically two parts to syncing Setster with Outlook.  First, importing your Outlook calendar into Setster, which will block out appointments you set in Outlook as personal time.  Second, exporting your Setster calendar to Outlook, so your Setster appointments can be viewable in your Outlook calendar.


Importing Your Outlook Calendar

  • Click on the Calendar button in the lower-left corner of your Outlook window

  • Uncheck all calendars except “Calendar” under “My Calendars”


  • On the “Home” tab, click on the button labeled “Publish Online” near the top-center of the window

  • In the drop-down menu, select “Publish to…”

  • Click the “Sign in” button in the window that appears

  • In the window that appears, enter your Windows Live e-mail and password and click “Sign in”

  • In the next window, enter your e-mail in the box and click “I Accept”

  • In the following window, click “Finish”

  • In the small dialog box that appears, change the time span values to “Previous: 30 Days” and “through next: 90 Days”.  Next, select the “Anyone can subscribe to this calendar” option next to “Permissions”.  Then click “OK”

  • A dialog box will appear asking if you want to send a sharing invitation.  Click “Yes”


  • In the invitation that appears, highlight and copy the text to the right of “webcals”


  • Open a web browser, go to, and click “Log-in” at the top of the screen

  • Enter your login information and click “Login”


  • Click on the “Settings” tab at the top of the screen


  • Halfway down the page you will see a section that says “Import Calendar From”.  In this section, select “MSN” as the Calendar Source.  In the box that appears, type in “http”, then paste the text from the calendar invitation.  Then click “Sync now”

  Exporting Your Setster Calendar

  • The next section down is labeled “Export Calendar To”.  In this section, select “Outlook” as the Calendar Target.  When you do this, a “Calendar URL” will appear


  • Right-click on the Calendar URL and select “Copy”.  Then click the red “Save” button


  • Return to Outlook and click on the “Open Calendar” button near the top-center of the window


  • Select “From Internet…” from the drop-down menu


  • Paste the text from the Setster page in the dialog box that appears and click “OK”


  • In the dialog box that appears, click on the button labeled “Advanced…”


  • In the window that appears, change the Folder Name to the name you want displayed for your Setster Calendar and click “OK”


  • You should see the little dialog box again.  This time, click “Yes”


  • If your Setster calendar is empty, a dialog box will appear telling you so and asking if you want to add the calendar.  Click “Yes”


  • You should now have “Setster Schedule” listed under the “Other Calendars” group.  Right-click on “Setster Schedule” and select “Overlay”.  This will superimpose your normal calendar and Setster calendar on top of each other, allowing you to see personal appointments and BYU Online checkpoints simultaneously.  Click on the Calendar tab so it is your main calendar



While the Setster calendar will import appointments that you make in Outlook and list them as personal time, the calendar that Setster exports to Outlook contains only appointments made with you through Setster.  So it is important to have both your personal calendar and the Setster calendar together so you can see all of your appointments at the same time.  The Setster calendar cannot be edited in Outlook, which is why you click on the Calendar tab, which allows you to create new appointments in Outlook.


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