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The Balanced Positive Approach

The Balanced Positive Approach

As we prepare for successes and failures in business we are taught to visualize and attack and I would like to add to that mantra with the balanced positive approach. Borrowed from the likes of Steve Jobs, Peyton Manning, and US Special Forces, the balanced positive approach takes visualization and preparedness to a grounded and complete strategy. Taking appointments is one thing now we are going to show you how to take control over the outcome of your appointments.

The basics are simple, spend half of your time considering every variable that could go wrong and really dive into all the negatives surrounding your situation. Take a detailed look at these variables and create separate plans for addressing each issue. Next you need to take a break to relax your mind and reset your focus. Lastly, you are ready to throw away the negative and visualize yourself executing your strategy flawlessly considering as many details as possible to paint a vivid picture of success in your mind.

By splitting your time and focusing your energy on both the positive and negative outcomes of important situations you will alleviate anxiety, increase confidence, and remove unnecessary doubt. Life is full of ups and downs and nothing exists in a vacuum, so playing the part of devil’s advocate with your own presentations, business lunches, and sales pitches is a realistic and effective way to improve your bottom line. As always you want to put yourself in the best position for success in every situation so it is logical to spend time and focus on both the positive and negative of each situation.

When putting the balanced positive approach into practice it is very important to remember to start with the negative variables first. This is a rule for several reasons. First, you want to take time to adequately criticize and scrutinize your work and focusing on the negative variables is a great way to find weaknesses. Second, you want to be confident and comfortable with what your presenting. Starting with the negatives allows you time to get all of your insecurities and doubts out in the open so you can overcome those feelings by the time you are ready to act. Next time you have a big business call or sales lunch try spending some time with the balanced positive approach and note the differences. Send me a email and let me know how it works for you.

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