Setster's API supports the booking and redemption of services purchased via your daily deals / marketing portal. Setster provides API users complete Admin control over core scheduling operations. Create new users from within your own application by porting user sign up data directly into Setster to instantly create accounts. You can custom create services, define service parameters including run start and end dates, create locations, define availability and assign users to services and locations.

The Setster API gives you full control to provide a scheduling solution. Here are some examples:

[POST] /account? &first_name=John &last_name=Doe &business_name=Example+Business &phone=(333)+999+555 &password=secretpassword &account_address=example

Create Accounts

Create a new scheduling account for each service provider directly from your application. Automating the process with our API means that as your service providers sign up in your system, they are simultaneously creating their scheduling profile and enabling
booking within their real time calendar.

Create Locations

Give service providers the opportunity to offer promotions at the local, regional and national level by enabling multiple locations. Our flexible API allows each location to set different hours, different providers and different services, each defined from within your system.

[POST] /location?name=My+Location
[POST] /employee? &first_name=John &last_name=Doe &phone=(333)+999+555

Create Providers

Build a provider profile that tells the whole story. Add photos, bios, certifications and social media reviews. Assign providers to specific locations and specific services. Automatically send SMS text messages to providers when appointments are booked and changes are made to their schedules.

Create Services

Name the service, enter the description and set the price. Include padding/travel time and even enforce the cancellation and reschedule policies as defined by the service provider. Throttle the promotion by defining specific days and times to book specific services.

[POST] /service? name=My+Service &duration=60 &price=12 &duration_padding=15

Admin Control

Setster will automatically lookup a voucher code submitted by a user and validate whether the code entered was correct and had not previously been redeemed. The API records bookings as they are made and pushes that code into your companies payment processing flow. You can easily make any changes or modifications to notifications and triggers within your workflow. Oh, and talk about control, you can keep the platform live for the duration of any given campaign and allow for your team or the merchant to administrate the system. In terms of scale, your Setster license gives you the ability to deploy this platform for thousands of business running live campaigns at any given time.

Calendar Syncing

Every professional service provider uses a calendar as part of their daily activities. There are three calendars in use that represent 99% of the market; Google, Outlook and iCal. At its' core, Setster creates a dialog between these calendars and ours. The result is an integrated, published calendar that is updated live as changes are made across multiple calendars and synced devices. Our API hooks into the merchants internal booking / calendaring service via Google Calendar and triggers an appearance of your booked service in the merchant's default calendar makings sure they are never double booked.

Availability & Forecasting

Setster optimizes the availability of Service Providers who want to fill spaces in their calendar. Through calls into our API's, we can answer: When is a service provider available? What is the best date and time to service a discounted or promotional client? What dates are slow and need to be filled? Is there last minute inventory of time that can be sold off at a discount? Use Setster and provide flexible campaigns that allow for multiple bookings at a single time e.g. if a merchant had multiple treatment rooms or a restaurant that has multiple available tables.

Embedded Booking Widgets

Setster booking widgets are overlays that can be installed on any site. The purpose is to create multiple opportunities across the web for the appointment process to transact. When triggered, Setster intuitively directs the client through booking an appointment. The client never leaves the site and when finished, simply closes the dialog box to continues on wherever he was. You simply embed the Setster overlay on every redemption page you host so that, once purchased, the user immediately selects a time for his/her service / treatment / meal etc. from the real-time availability within your clients calendar.

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