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14 Ways to Fix Your Schedule and Maximize Productivity

Maximize Productivity

People try their best to manage their schedule and make the best of their time while balancing both work and play. However the trick is not to have an auto alarm reminder on your Smartphone or even an old school pocket diary, it is to maintain proper focus and commit to whatever routine you set out for yourself. Setster went and collected 14 super tips on how today’s professionals manage their schedule so you can get the most out of your time too!

1. Segment Your Time
Divide the time throughout your day into different segments that you devote to a specific action and you stick to it. For example, you slot the time before lunch to only taking calls and communicating emails with your clients during the time slot after lunch you assign yourself to meetings. If a daily routine doesn’t work, you can always broaden your gaze and segment your weeks by only doing client meets once or twice a week.

2. Get The Best Planning App in the Market
There are loads of personal assistant apps on the app market that you could try and find which suits you best. One of the best apps we’ve tried is Wunderlist – It’s a to-do list app with reminders and sharing capabilities so you can also collaborate with your team and family.

3. Set Time For Yourself In Stone
We all know how Jack becomes dull working all day and setting no time for himself. Therefore it is essential to setting time for healthy habits and personal hobbies such as working out, taking your dog for a walk or just heading to your favorite coffee shop on a daily basis. It keeps the mind fresh and active and keeps you from indulging in the bad stuff.

4. Get Things Done Now Instead of Later
If you have something you can work on now, but don’t necessarily have to get it done for a while, you should push yourself into finishing that now instead of keeping that hanging for a crunch time right before the deadline. It’s a good habit to get used to as it keeps the mind at ease from working on the 11th hour.

5. Make Use of Your Calendar
It is surprising how many people actually note important things down in their calendars – very few people actually see their calendars on a daily basis. It is a great way to keep a mental map of things to come and how much time you have in your hands to finish whatever job you are working on right now.

6. Use Colour-Codes To Organize Your Calendar
Use different colored markers or pens for different tasks in your calendar so you can take a quick look at the day’s work list and understand which task requires how much of your time and how quickly you should get on it. This will also help you know which tasks require similar attention so you can group them up and finish it in one go.

7. Set 90 Minute Chunks of Crunch Time
A good practice to keep is to fix at least three segments of 90 minutes each, in which time you sit in complete isolation away from any and all distractions with a predetermined list of goals that you need to accomplish. If you find you cannot finish the goals within the allotted time, it’s an indicator that you need to dispense tasks into more slots.

8. Brief To-Do Lists Work Better
It is a very common human phenomenon where a person who has so much that they feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to accomplish anything. Therefore to keep yourself from falling to this pit, use a small post-it to note down the three most important tasks of the day that much be accomplished. This technique will help you feel motivated while also getting the work done.

9. Arrange Meetings One After Another In One Location
For people who have to see a lot of different people daily, a good way to save time on travelling in between meetings is to place all of them in one location in back to back time slots.

10. Get Old School With Day Planners
For those who are not very tech savvy or feel that Smartphones are distracting, they could always go back to the early digital diaries that have the single purpose of keeping a schedule instead of being a host to thousands of apps that can steer you away.

11. Keep Up With Your Work Through
A lot of people have swapped out their to-do lists with using as their all in one schedule planner. Not only does it allow you to follow up your contacts through emails, but you can also give yourself reminders at a predetermined time of things that need to be completed.

12. Plan Your Day With DropTask
Another great life hack application is DropTask which is a great way to keep track of all the tasks and assignments that don’t normally fit into your busy schedule and ensure they don’t get lost amidst everything else.

13. Set Weekly Meetings
Meeting up with clients every week or every other week is a great way to keep up with the progress of all your tasks and keep everything organized throughout your calendar. The best thing is about knowing that there is a certain time in the week where you will get an update on all that is going on.

14. Send Emails at Strategic Times
A great tip for sending emails is to send them during the early to late morning which is when people mostly check and answer their mail. It is the perfect way to avoid getting responses such as “I’ll let you know tomorrow”.

If you think that you have another great idea that will maximize productivity, don’t forget to mention them in the comments below

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