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What can you do
Appointment booking api

Become a Master of Data

Setster's API supports the remote management of scheduling appointments and integrations with third party workflows, all using an easily deployable engine.

User Focused

Customize the user experience to match your requirements by building your own unique appointment booking functionality.

Remote Data Management

Create your own appointment management application using complex rules and simplified workflows.

Fast Deployment

Quickly and efficiently deploy a scheduling solution with limited development resources and multiple hosting options.

Types of APIs
We offer different API access methods designed to match your business architecture and product.
Online calendar api

Single account API

Control data and appointments of a single organization. This is the method most commonly used by our customers.


A single access point managing multiple accounts. Great for data segregation or resellers .

Callback API

Triggers immediate callbacks to a specified API endpoint as appointment updates occur in real time.

Directory API

Targeted towards directories and reservation programs that wish to grow their service listings.

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