About Us

The Setster Story

Setster Inc. was founded in 2008 in Los Angeles, California. Through the years, our innovative online scheduling solution has been trusted and used by tens of thousands of businesses around the world, from small mom and pop businesses to fortune 500 companies.

We’ve remained  horizontally focused, which allowed us to push boundaries and innovate within the space by solving complex scheduling needs within many verticals. We often hear "this is exactly what we've been looking for" and we continue to strive for more of those partnerships.

Our team has led the online scheduling industry by creating the first open API, first ever embedded and overlay booking widgets, the first online scheduling tool with payment options, the first map of locations with search and book ability, and many other creative features.

We’re proud to be developed and backed by Boxador, an internet software incubation and development team based in Venice, California. The founding team is composed of experienced software entrepreneurs and system architects with vast experience within successful software companies.