Enterprise appointment scheduling

Enhanced Customer Experiences

  • Smart Content Adaptation: Use conditional logic for relevant content.
  • Personalized Bookings: Easily Tailor each user's scheduling experience.
  • Unlimited Custom Journeys: Create diverse, distinctive customer paths.
  • Segment Your Customers: Tailor experiences to different customer groups.

Sync calendars

Personalize content based on selections

Sync calendars

Allow users to skip steps to increase conversions

Sync calendars

Set logic rules based on multiple user selections

Sync calendars

Jump from one question to another question with ease

Powerful Booking Engine

Fully Automated, Effortless Scheduling

Customer Insights

Gain a deep understanding of your customers. Quickly gather and efficiently store client data tailored to your preferences.

Developer-Friendly Design

Effortlessly create data collection booking flows with minimal coding. Simple to comprehend and embed across platforms.

Customized User Experience

Adapt and personalize user interactions to align seamlessly with your brand guidelines and clients' demands.

Seamless Integration & Automation

Easily connect with third-party tools and streamline your workflow with a user-friendly integration.

Enterprise web based scheduling


Pick from seven distinct step types to craft a unique user experience that meets your needs. Each step is meticulously designed to capture essential customer data and provide valuable insights while engaging and converting clients.

Understand Steps in Setster Studio ->

Learn About Your Clients

Using Effortlessly Engaging Steps

Card Select

A display of selectable cards in a carousel format.

List Select

A collection of selectable options in a list format.


Offers contextual information with options to enable the user to make informed decisions.

Image Map

Display clickable regions within images for a custom-branded experience.


Display information with no further actions required from the user.


The place where the appointment will take place. Physical or Virtual.


The catalog of available appointment meeting types.


The team members who accept appointments.


The available time a user can select from a calendar based on their selected service, staff, and location.


The form where a user enters their personal details and optionally completes payment.

Thank You

The step displayed after form submissions.

Easily Integrate Your Preferred Tools

Enhance productivity with integrations that smoothly blend into your existing workflow.

Enterprise web based scheduling


  • Powerful Appointment Booking: Use tools that surpass outdated solutions and offer simplicity and flexibility.
  • Build Once, Use Everywhere: Seamlessly integrates with any system, website, or app, whether modern or legacy.
  • Booking That Grows with You: Easily manage complex schedules, delight clients, and enhance profitability.

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