Scheduling Features You Define
With numerous rules and settings you control every step of the booking experience.

Defined Availability

Block time off and add holidays, while controlling availability for team members or type of appointment.

Advance Notice

Specify booking rules per type of appointment to allow for sufficient advance notice prior to booking.

Appointment Types

Allow appointments with a specific person, department or conference room with their own rules and settings.

Multiple Locations

Work at different locations (geographical and virtual) and link your team members to each location and appointment type.

Padding & Prep Time

Eliminate back to back appointments with padding and add a buffer of time to prepare for the next appointment.

Integrate & Streamline
Become an ecosystem of efficiency.
Appointment scheduling features

Sync Calendars

Whether you use Google calendar, Office 365,, or other online calendars, you’re sure to always stay in sync.

Integrate With apps

Choose from many pre-integrated platforms such as Salesforce or Zapier, or  easily integrate with other third party platforms yourself.

accept payments

Accept online payments via PayPal, Stripe, FreshBooks, or allow customers to complete the transaction in person during the appointment

API Ready

For highly customized integrations, your engineering team will find our API greatly complements their development efforts.

Flexible & Lean
Create tools that make your organization stronger.

Appointment Requests

Allow customers to request a time prior to confirming the appointment.

Waiting Lists

Capture more customers during influxes and easily convert them into future customers.

Global Access

Gain visibility to your calendar from any device with changes reflected in real-time.


Define exactly when notifications should be delivered to customers and team members.