Appointment Scheduling API

Enterprise appointment scheduling

Plug into any workflow

Setster’s scheduling platform employs a RESTful API that is easily deployed, secure and highly scalable to meet enterprise needs.

You can schedule thousands of appointments, remotely manage all of their parameters, track all user activity and plug Setster within your business workflow. In layman terms, with Setster, you can add massive scheduling capacity anywhere within your enterprise.

Your Booking Engine

Can Do All The Work

Solve Complex Problems

A smart booking application that simplifies tasks, mitigates risks and optimizes resources.

Connect & Consolidate

Integrate with other servers, applications or internal processes at any workflow stage.

Streamline Internal Processes

Improve communication and data storage across internal departments or within private networks.

Capture & Measure

Leverage data to improve lead generation and interdepartmental productivity.

We Speak Your Language

And We Focus On


Plug and play with other platforms, even those legacy systems that you can’t seem to leave behind.


Whether it’s scalable server infrastructure, staff growth, service offerings or seasonal influx, we grow with you.


Your implementation is always secure, and your data is encrypted and backed up on dedicated virtual servers.


Adding features, making tweaks or editing components can easily be done to achieve a custom fit solution.

Booking Solutions

Built For Versatility


Each consumer is unique and will decide to connect with you via different channels. Be ready to deliver on their needs consistently across all channels in real time, every time.

Enterprise online scheduling
Enterprise web based scheduling


Though built for enterprise, Setster is still easy to use by smaller businesses. Whether it’s a small team or individual, our out of the box subscription solution offers all you need.



During a crisis, organizations need to find an efficient and effective way to kickstart an administrative response in short order. Setster's rapid deployment make this an easy reality.

Enterprise online scheduling
Enterprise web based scheduling


Capture leads and turn site visitors into customers. Optimize customer success with continuous availability and instant gratification.

A Trusted

Scheduling Provider