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6 Steps To Better Company Meetings

Company Meetings

Meetings are a great way to get work done in the office but most of the time they carry a lot of risk of doing more harm than good. A wrong tone in your voice, poor body language or even an accidental facial expression can throw your clients and colleagues off for good. Setster knows the importance of good meetings and we are here to give you 6  steps better company meetings.

  1. Call A Meeting When It Is Actually Required

Usually many offices use meetings as a go to action to confront any and every requirement. If they need to look something over or if they are unsure about something, calling a meeting is second nature to handle these situations. But most of the time they never stop and think whether a meeting is actually necessary to handle the situation.

For example, if there is a piece of information or news that you have to get around the office, don’t call a meeting – post a memo. The whole purpose of a meeting is to get work done. Therefore, if at the end of the meeting each person attending does not leave with designated tasks to accomplish, then you have to stop and think about the effectiveness of that congregation.


  1. Outline The Meeting Beforehand

Now that you have a proper reason to host a meeting, you have to create an outline of the things to be discussed and carried forward. It is actually pretty instinctive – you will not let out a marketing or product campaign without first having designed a proper structure and a meeting should deserve no less importance. It doesn’t have to be very formal. Simply note down the points you wish to discuss on your notepad and then let all the attendees know of the items to be talked about.

Then again a lot of people prefer to write up a formal agenda and distribute it amongst the attendees as this will establish the tone as to how serious this is and will let the people know who is in charge. The basics of writing a good agenda are simple – it should contain a list of all the points that need to be discussed in the meeting as well as the results that you would like to achieve.

  1. Show That You Mean Business

Most people never have a good experience with meetings as they feel they show much and accomplish little. You need to set the proper example so people know that you mean business. Make sure the meeting starts on time and all those required to be there are present. It is important to try and end meetings on time too as it makes people pay more attention to when it’s needed.

  1. Keep The Focus On The Meeting

Your meetings should have the rule of no phones or laptops. All cell phones should be switched off and kept on a table away from the body and laptops should be left on their respective desks. All emails and calls can wait till after the meeting. Notes should also be taken by hand as it helps people remember easier and to facilitate this, you could make official notepads or notebooks.

  1. Be Active With The Progression

If you are very bad at this then it can be delegated to someone else but this is a vital action that must be carried out. It basically means that you have to actively fix the direction of the meeting. Keep people from straying too far away from the topic at hand, keep a watch on the time spent on each topic and remind people if they are taking too long to cover a certain matter. Also, at the end of the discussion of each topic, briefly recap everything that was discussed so that each point is refreshed in the minds.

  1. Assign Follow Up Meetings

As mentioned before, if a meeting ends with no one having a job assigned to them then the meeting was a waste of time. Therefore, it is important at the end of a meeting to fix a date for a follow up meeting where the progress of all the tasks assigned there would be evaluated and any corrections necessary be made. If the tasks are of different lengths, then instead of fixing a meeting with all the attendees, you could individually meet up with people according to their progress.

To some people, planning and executing meetings come very easily to them, others need some help learning what needs to be done and acquiring the specific skills needed to carry them out. Once you develop these skills, you will find that a lot of time is saved by avoiding unnecessary assemblies and your company will be getting more out of its time.

Got any more tips? Do you have meeting policies in your organization? Share with others in the comments.

Image by: Porto Bay Hotels & Resorts

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