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6 Ways to Get More Done


Get More DoneIn today’s extremely busy world where time is money, in fact turning out to be more than money, what can be more important than finding ways to get more done in less time?

It doesn’t matter the kind of profession you are in or the type of lifestyle you lead – an entrepreneur, a housewife, or still a student – you are bound to find yourself defeated by time with more and more work piling up and less and less time to get them done. But there are proven ways to get you to be more productive, and we’re outlining some to get you started and into the habit of checking things off.

  1. Breaks

All work and no play really does make a person duller. In this case, playing indicates taking adequate breaks to refresh your mind. This way you can attack your workload with more energy and patience. Even very short breaks can do wonders for you, such as making a cup of coffee or walking from one room to the next. Why? It’s because your body and brain both needs to relax and when you refuse to fulfill their requirements, they tend to eventually enter into a mode where you end up getting a lot less done than the usual.

  1. Time limits

Time limits and deadlines aren’t something to be scared of but rather to be invited. They make your life a whole lot easier with a reminder of the time within which you have to get your work done. This ensures your work to be actually done within a reasonable amount of time and gets you off your procrastinating mode. It helps you assess exactly how much energy you require to complete your work and in what allocation. It also helps you analyze which tasks should be on top of your priority list and which can be kept off for later.

  1. Perfect time

Yes, there’s a perfect time to work. But no, it’s not the same for everyone. However for everyone, there’s a perfect time of the day when they are able to work optimally and get more done than any other time of the day. That specific time lets people handle stress more easily as well. Hence it’s important to find that time and to make the most of it as well. But how do you find out that time? Trial and error method works best here. Divide the entire day into specific segments such as morning, afternoon, evening and night or even further segmented ones. And then select the chores or tasks you are least motivated to do and allocate them within those divided time segments. Finally note down the times when you were at your highest level of motivation and times when you were at your least. Finding out the time of the day when you are most motivated to work is not enough if you end up wasting that time. Make sure to complete your most difficult tasks during that time.

  1. Step by step

When you see a huge pile of work left to be done, it’s common to feel less interested in starting off the work as your brain instantly sends you signal that it’s too much for you to handle at the moment. But it really isn’t. In order to make your brain realize that, just break the big tasks into smaller segments and do them step by step instead of approaching them all at once. So stop being overwhelmed with those huge projects and just handle them bit by bit. And the best way to do that is to make an outline of your work and handle each section separately at a time. In addition, do remember to assign a time limit for each of the section as well.

  1. No to perfectionism

Although perfectionism is generally praised by people, it makes getting your work done a whole lot slower. The reason is simple: there’s always something or the other to edit, something to make better, some more changes to be made. You will never be finished if you keep on trying to complete your task at hand in the most perfect way possible. Perfectionism is not always as necessary as getting the work done. So all you need to do is to ensure that your completed work is good enough and doesn’t really require further editing – usually a couple of drafts are more than enough.

  1. No to notifications

No matter how difficult this may sound, this is absolutely a must! Notifications are a distraction regardless of the many excuses your brain might give you.  If it’s so important, the sender will call you. If it’s not as important, it can wait. Don’t let those constant pop-ups and beeps ruin your concentration that has been brought so difficulty in the first place. As we all know, it takes a lot of time to get into that perfect working mode. And once it’s gone, it takes even longer time to get it back. So what to do? Simply select specific times to check your email and other notifications and don’t budge from that schedule unless it’s an emergency of course. Make sure that checking time doesn’t fall within your motivated time segment as you don’t want interruptions during that time.

Any ideas that pop in your head which you think is a great way to get the work done better, please mention them in the comments.

Image by: Mufidah Kassalias

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