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A Few Tips to Spark Your Team’s Creativity


In these rough and tumble times, finding creative solutions to business problems is almost a must.  A great idea flow can give a company wings, just as a lack of ideas can send a business hurtling head first into the ground.  The best way to get the ideas flowing is to turn to your team.  But how do you get your teams idea machine energized?  Here are a few tips to get the creative juices flowing.

Open Up the Table

The first step in getting good ideas from your team is to simply ask for them.  Make it known that you are looking for and expect great ideas, and your team will start mulling things over.

Creativity can be Taught

Contrary to popular belief,  creativity is a skill that can be taught, at least to an extent.  Educate your team on how to brainstorm effectively.  Think of the ways in which you come up with ideas, and share your process with them.

Apply those Teachings

Now that you’ve taught your team how to brainstorm creative solutions to problems, you need to give them opportunities to flex their newfound creative muscle.  Practice makes perfect. Throw problems at them that you usually would handle yourself, so that they can gain confidence in their creativity.

Acknowledge Creativity

Once your team starts actually applying your teaching, you need to acknowledge creativity when it is shown.  This applies not just to major successes, but also to any significant creative effort made by one of your team.  They may not come up with the most brilliant ideas right out of the gate, but letting them know they are on the right track will help them hone their skills and increase the validity of their output.

Lead By Example

Don’t just sit on your butt and wait for your team to come up with great ideas.  Get involved in the process!  The best way to motivate a teams creativity is to actively engage in coming up with ideas along with them.  It is called a team after all, and you are their leader.  So take the lead and start spit-balling.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly your team members will follow suit.

At Setster, we have an entire team dedicated to coming up with ways to make online scheduling better.  That’s all they do, all day.  So come take a look at the  amazing results that a team in creative sync can produce!

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