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Heroes of the New Economy: From a hobby to a business

Setster has transformed our business capacity and techniques, more than any other software we could add to our business model.

As a new company CheapShots Photography could only accept appointments through phone or email.  As the owner of this “hobby business”, I worked full-time for a software company, and owned another business Solase Massage, on the side.  I didn’t have time to answer as many calls and emails as I was getting.  This third business, a photography business was supposed to be a hobby, not a job.  CheapShots started growing and in 6 months, without any advertising, was doing 7-8 appointments a week.  Which is not bad for one person, BUT due to the lack of time I could spend with my “hobby business” clients phone numbers were being misplaced, calls left unanswered with no message left, I was unorganized in how I booked appointments, and I felt the pressure and stress creeping in as my business was growing at a rate I couldn’t keep up with.

Enter Setster.  I set up the appointment button on the side of my webpage, and viola!  I made mention to it on my website, that clients could now book on-line.  Instantly, within two days, I booked 7 appointments ON TOP of the others I previously had scheduled and was still scheduling.  I continued at this rate with Setster as well.  Setster saved me.  When I wasn’t able to answer calls, I noticed my clients booked with Setster.  They selected the type of appointment they wanted, set a date and then an email was sent to me to confirm or reschedule, and a confirmation to them once it was final.  Period. Then it dawned on me.  How many appointments had I missed simply because I didn’t have a tool to ease the process of booking an appointment? At least 7 within a two day period.  For me that’s 350.00 my company was losing every two days.  I would have had NO CLUE I was missing these appointments if I wouldn’t have added Setster to my business.  This tripled the number of appointments I was able to book every week.  I still had my calls, but if I wasn’t able to book an appointment (because I was driving)  I would tell the client to log onto my website to book it.  It saves their contact information, the date they scheduled, and they can add a note to say “Hey I just got off the phone with you, we talked about doing pictures at the lake”.  No effort from me whatsoever. I like a business that runs itself… how about you?  Time is money.  Send them to my website and I’m done. I don’t want to sound lazy, but when you already have two jobs and you are crazy enough to pick up a third, you need the best tools to help utilize your time.  Setster fits the profile to a “T”.

In a period of 3-4 months with Setster, my business has increased 700% in size and revenue, even in a down economy.  I can afford to advertise now.  I happily blame Setster for my success.  In my business, I could only do so much.  I hired an employee to book all my appointments.  She links my Google Calendar to Setster so the appointments show in both places, so the availability on my website is always correct.  It’s flawless, simple and has revolutionized my business.  Guess what?  She works from home.  Because of Setster, I have been able to hire 6 other photographers who can easily check their appointments and get the information they need for their photo shoots without having to contact me.  And the most beautiful thing about it is they can all work from home.  I now run the business instead of having the business run me.  I must say that I LOVE the fact that it’s Internet based.  Here are the biggest benefits I see in Setster


  • Ability so save client information
  • Low cost
  • Ability to link with PayPal to receive payments.
  • Automatic emails sent to client and business
  • Able to check Setster with any internet connection
  • No complaints from my clients (No, not a single one)
  • Ability to handle more clients because the volume is “funneled” before it’s sent to CheapShots and we can take it from there
  • No data loss because it’s a web-based/hosted program
  • Easy to add’s to your website with minimal effort or computer knowledge
  • Ability to link to Google Calendar

…. I could continue, but I want to add a couple things.  Because Setster worked so well in my “hobby business”  I had my staff add it to my “real business”  located in one of the busiest areas in Orem, Utah.  It has also increased our appointment-booking rate within this business, with little or no advertising.

One more thing before you run off to purchase this program.  I work in a software industry.  Change to software programs does NOT happen over night, in fact it sometimes takes 1-2 years to restructure a program in order ton enhance a program’s features.  I would like to say this is one of the FIRST companies where they have taken advice without speculation, wanting to further develop the program to fit all scheduling aspects for their clients.  Within a 2 day period I had a response from the Setster team on some enhancement requests I sent in.  The feasible ones that would benefit others have already been added into the software. Can I say remarkable?

Thank you Setster, for making my companies more efficient, affordable (low overhead for me, low prices for my customers) and more flexible.  We would be lost without you.

Christy Hair

Cheap Shots Photography

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