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Getting the Most Out of GroupOn

Groupon is a pretty hot commodity right now. The daily deals site just had its first IPO, the biggest for a tech company since Google. But some business’s are beginning to complain that Groupon’s business model is quite flawed, and that it actually hurts businesses bottom-line instead of helping it. This is why: Groupon works by a business’s product or service at a severely discounted price, in the form of a coupon that they buy on the Groupon website.

The small business usually takes a loss on the deal, but the deal is supposed to get people, with the hope that the business will then retain that customer. And it certainly does get people in the door. There are quite a few businesses that have successfully done this, and Groupon has been more beneficial than not for them. But some businesses experienced a problem: in the few days after the coupon was offered, a whole rush of people would come in to redeem their discounted service, effectively overwhelming the business, so that they could not provide everyone with the service. Some people had to leave empty handed and most likely angry. Leaving a potential customer out to dry does not do wonders for retention. Businesses end a bunch of disgruntled customers, and never plan on coming back, all while taking a loss on each and every coupon.

So how does a business avoid having this problem? One simple way manage this calamity is by using an online scheduler. When you use Groupon, say in your deal description that the customer needs to book a time through Setster. This way, once they purchase the deal, they go to your Setster page, pick a block of time, and pick their service. Once they select a block of time, it will be blocked off, so nobody else can take it. They will also see what other services you offer, which will allow them to maybe pick some others that you are offering at full price.

The point of making them book through Setster is that now your business will have an organized schedule, and you won’t have a whole flurry of walk-ins. You won’t be overwhelmed, and you’ll be able to retain more customers, making the deal more beneficial to your business. Groupon is not a perfect. It definitely has some issues. But with Setster, at least one aspect of the process will be manageable.

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