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Technology, tools and toys; how our pleasure drives our productivity

Depending on your generation, the first contact you may have had with a computer was a calculator. Soon, primitive word processors began to put small screens on typewriters and then finally a monitor for data entry. When the fax machine came out, it took 15 minutes to send a single page. Publishing had to be typeset by printer and copied for color.

Atari, Activision and Nintendo started to put video games on a counsel but more importantly, they gave the user a joy-stick to interact with the software. Joysticks have evolved from a stick and thumb-button into wireless ergonomic tools that speed and enhance the interaction between our human brain and the software. Developers figured out that enhancing the user interface UI and user experience UX (how the machine is being used and how the users perceive this interaction), would drive usage.

Fast forward to the future and this evolution in gaming and productivity software has culminated in Smart-Phones that communicate effectively, entertain and keep us on schedule. Over 50 Million people in the US own Smart-Phone and it is growing at over 8% per year. As a productivity tool, the Smart-Phone can not be beat. From the moment you wake up in the morning, your calendar, schedule and to-do list is by your side.

While all service providers with a cell phone will get a text when the appointment is confirmed, Smart-Phone users get more flexibility and control over their experience. First, an email is sent to service provider which tells them about the incoming appointment and offers the ability to accept or deny the request. Once the appointment is confirmed, an .ICS file is sent to the service provider with all the appointment information. This file is self populating to a mobile smart-phones calendar and will place the appointment exactly where it needs to be.

Imagine that today, you can market your service to a global audience and have your availability posted online so that your clients can book with you at their convenience. This means your client can schedule an appointment with you online and have that appointment confirmed automatically 24 hours a day. All this communication is transpiring in a matter of seconds and all while you are in bed, at diner, in a meeting, or a party on a dance floor.

Take advantage of these new technologies. If you have a business where you see clients, then you know the old fashion way is to keep your ringer on 24/7, or send clients to a voice-mail or pay for a answering service. With Setster, there is no keep your ringer on 24/7, no reason to pay a receptionist to answer your phone, no reason to have an answering service, no reason to have calls go to voice-mail. Your technology for work and play have married into a sophisticated tool that does what it is supposed to do; make life easier.

Edward Lujan

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