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Tips To Influence Conversion

tips to influence conversion

Business 101 tells us that in order to become successful you need to turn leads into sales aka conversion. Seems simple enough, right? Yes, at its core good business can be simplified into influence. One must influence the market so that conversion of leads into sales increases over time.

When I was in college I took a class called influence and persuasion. The class took lessons from behavioral science, sociology, biology, and economics and organized them into communication terms. It changed the way I look at communication and how I viewed the world. I learned that we are all being influenced and persuaded constantly by all manner of businesses, governments, and relationships. The methods and lessons I learned are applied to business and can help your conversion. Here are a few good tips to increase your influence and drive conversion.

1. Communicate to a specific audience. All communication is a two way street. There is a message being delivered and a message being received. To often, we focus solely on the message going out. To increase influence spend just as much energy on who is receiving your messages and how they receive them. Understanding your audience is the first step in influential communication because its the perception of the message that matters not the message itself.

2. The power of the mob is real. Using persuasive technics like “social proof” has been a long time staple for the influential communicator. Social proof is a built in survival instinct that automatically kicks in to help us quickly identify situations that could be beneficial or harmful to our survival. Basically, we will lean toward the crowd and go with the flow whenever possible. This can be applied to your business communication and is used thousands of times a day in advertisements.

3. Understanding abandonment issues. We all want to “fit in” somewhere and the thought of being left out or abandoned is dreadful. This intrinsic fear is powerful and crosses cultural lines. Try playing with communication techniques that will bring this fear out in your audience and the only way to fight the fear is to join with you and purchase your product.

4. Make the choice simple. The easier it is for your customers to choose and pay the better your bottom line. We all enjoy feeling like we have an infinite number of options and opportunities however when presented with these choices we get overwhelmed. Try limiting the choices you present and funnel your audience into a simplified offering.

Understanding your audience, creating a mob mentality, manipulating abandonment fears, and simplifying choices are all easy to implement business communication techniques that are tested and proven to work to increase conversion rates. Give these methods a try and let us know at Setster how your conversion rates are skyrocketing.

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